About Quality Arbors

Quality Arbors is an outgrowth of a need.  To be specific, my wife’s need for an arbor! 
We looked at what was available at the local home improvement warehouses and were not excited.  So my wife searched the internet for a design she liked.  A suitable design was found and built with a few modifications.  Then a friend asked, “can you build one for me?” and Quality Arbors took it’s first breath.  Having retired in 2005, I had been looking for something that I would enjoy doing and that would generate income instead of depleting it.  Since working with wood and seeing the results of my effort brings satisfaction and enjoyment, I decided to persue this endeavor as a latter life career.  Most of the products that I have added to my offerings are the result of requests or suggestions from my great customers.  And once in a while I even come up with a new idea myself!
I hope that you find my product line interesting.  I am committed to build quality products and offer them at reasonable prices while delivering top notch service.  Since I work from my home and have relatively low overhead I have been able to keep this commitment and build a customer base that often returns for additional products as the need arises.  I have even added a well respected local nursery to my list of satisfied customers.
I hope that I will have the opportunity to fulfill a need for you whether it be a standard product from our catalog or a custom product designed to meet your specific needs.